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Jennifer Vaughn Therapy Services

Starting therapy, or even thinking about starting, can be scary. For that reason, the office is designed to be a comfortable environment. There are several documents to sign and fill out, which can seem overwhelming. Some are required by law, some help Jennifer through the assessment process. During the first appointment, Jennifer will gather background information, including information about childhood, education, relationships, and job history. This helps her get to know you. She will also discuss what brought you to therapy, what goals you have, and she will address any initial questions.

After the initial appointment, the sessions will be focused on reaching your goals. Jennifer will listen, give feedback, teach skills, and help you find resolution. She may include other therapeutic techniques, besides talking, such as art, music, or play. The length of therapy depends on what goals you may have, the type of problem, and other client factors (such as their support system or life stressors)

Therapy is for you, so Jennifer's goal is that you are happy with the services. This means that even if Jennifer is not the best fit for you, she will make referrals so you may achieve mental health wellness.